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100% Online

Earn your Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies 100% online from a Cardinal Newman Society Recommended College. Advance your career and strengthen your understanding of the Catholic faith through our faithful, flexible MA in Pastoral Studies.

  • Faithful to the Magisterium
  • Rooted in Tradition
  • Flexible Learning
  • Exceptionally Affordable Tuition
  • Be part of a human, spiritual, and pastoral formation program

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies Overview

The Master of Arts (MA) in Pastoral Studies program is an award-winning, professional degree program. The program may be completed 100% online. In particular, the program is designed to prepare students to serve effectively in contemporary ecclesial ministries and lay leadership, especially within parish settings. Specifically, this includes religious education at all levels, catechetical leadership, and youth ministry. Altogether the primary objective is to develop in students an understanding of ministry within the life and mission of the Catholic Church. 


The student must take 36 semester hours of graduate course work. In addition, the student must complete the degree requirements with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better. Beginning in the Summer of 2022, incoming MAPS students will be required to complete 5 hours in each area of formation: human, spiritual, and pastoral. For more information see the MDivNE and MAPS Handbook. All students must complete two co-requisite courses, four core courses, four courses within the chosen concentration, and two electives. All students are required to take the Comprehensive Examination as their Summative Evaluation.*

The MAPS co-requisites PAS 602 Fundamentals of Practical Theology and DTH 645 Nature and Grace are foundational to the MAPS program. They may only be waived based on substantively similar graduate-level work and with the permission of the MAPS program director. If either or both are waived, the student will replace each waived course with any MAPS course not already part of the student’s degree plan requirements. 

There is a six-year time limit from entry into the program for completion of the degree requirements.

What concentrations are available?

Holy Apostles College and Seminary offers the following areas of concentration for the Masters of Art in Pastoral Studies. This allows each student to select an area of study that best fits their goals and passion. All concentrations are offered 100% Online.


At A


Tuition Cost

  • $390 per credit hour


Learning Format

  • 100% Online

Student:Faculty Ratio

  • 10:1

Summer Start Date:

May 9, 2022

Who Is This Program For?

  • Those working in ministry
  • Educators
  • Catholic Professionals
  • Clergy
  • Those pursuing doctoral work
  • Personal Formation
  • Those in hospital ministry

Career Paths

  • Theology Teacher
  • Youth Minister
  • Director of Religious Education
  • College Professor
  • Spiritual Director


How long does it take to complete an MA in Pastoral Studies?

The M.A. degree program may be completed in as little as 2 years. There is a 6-year time limit from entry into the program through completion of the degree requirements. Please see the Academic Catalog for additional information.

How do I apply?

Applicants for the M.A. program should follow the Graduate Admissions procedures.

Is Holy Apostles College & Seminary accredited?

Holy Apostles College and Seminary is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), the Connecticut Office of Higher Education (CTOHE), and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). For more accreditation information visit here

Is the program flexible for working individuals?

Our 100% online courses make the M.A. degree program flexible for working and busy individuals. 

Are the Faculty members faithful to the Magisterium?

All members of the faculty who teach theology and philosophy must be approved by the Chancellor, make a Profession of Faith, and take an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium.

Who are the Program Director and Concentration Chairs?
Dr. J. Marianne Siegmund
[email protected]

Concentration Chairs:

Apologetics – Professor Trenton Horn
Catechetical Ministry – Fr. Gregoire J. Fluet
General Studies – Dr. J. Marianne Siegmund
Marriage and Family – Dr. J. Marianne Siegmund
Pastoral Counseling- Fr. Gregory Lockwood
Spiritual Direction – Fr. Gregory Lockwood
Youth and Young Adult Ministry – Dr. Marc Tumeinski

For a full listing of our faculty, please visit Faculty Listing.

What is the Graduate Capstone

The Summative Evaluation is the capstone of the student’s academic work in the M.A. program at Holy Apostles College & Seminary. All candidates enrolled in an M.A. degree are required to complete a Summative Evaluation. Those enrolled in the M.A. in Pastoral Studies are required to take the Comprehensive Examination as their Summative Evaluation. (Students enrolled in the MAPS program prior to Fall 2017 may complete a thesis or special project in lieu of the Comprehensive Exam.) Full descriptions of the Summative Evaluation exercise are available on the Summative Evaluation page.

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