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Take Credit! Admissions at Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Welcome to your first exciting step on your college journey!

Please visit our Take Credit! Program to read an overview of the program, learn about our special reduced tuition, and find out about the program advantages.  With fidelity to the Church’s teachings and the flexibility of online learning, we can’t wait for you to apply to our dual-enrollment honors Take Credit! Program!

Admissions to the honors Take Credit! Program is available to current high school and homeschool students.  Students may begin taking courses the semester after their sophomore year of high school.  If you decide to pursue your Undergraduate degree at Holy Apostles, you don’t need to re-apply!  We will just need some simple supplemental information.

Holy Apostles College & Seminary is a Cardinal Newman Guide Recommend Catholic College located in beautiful Cromwell, CT. Students enjoy the convenience, affordability, and flexibility of studying 100% online without any residency requirements.  Our fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church, flexible online format, and extraordinarily affordable tuition make Holy Apostles the clear choice for you to begin your college journey.

Apply for Admissions

Complete the Online Application HERE

Your contact information will be collected first, and then you will be redirected to the application itself. You may return to the application portal by using the log in details sent to your email.

One letter of recommendation is required and can be requested through the application portal. A brief personal statement is also required on the application.

Submit Official Transcripts and Scores

Please submit your official high school transcript (and any other college transcripts, if applicable). See below for further details on requesting your transcripts and standardized testing scores.

Due to the COVID pandemic, standardized testing scores have been waived for applicants to the Fall 2021 semester.

Submit a Notarized FERPA Release Form

At the post-secondary level, parents have no inherent rights to inspect a student’s educational or financial records. Therefore, a Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Release Form is required. Further details are available on the application form.

Pay the $25 Undergraduate/Take Credit Application Fee (non-refundable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find more information about the Take Credit! Program?


A: Please visit our academics page which provides further information specifically about the Take Credit! Program itself.

Q: What is the online class format at Holy Apostles?


A: It is a great question, and one we get often! Our online learning environment allows students to pursue their education 100% online. Courses are taught asynchronously which means that there are no “live” login times required. Our online programs have no residency requirements which makes it easy for you to learn whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you! Students are suggested to login to their courses several times a week in order to view materials and upload assignments. In general, we suggest students dedicate approximately 7-8 hours per week per course.

The best part is that you are not alone! With advisors, an online library with plenty of support, an online writing lab, and tech support, we are here to help you achieve your academic dreams and follow where God leads!

Q: I am not Catholic. Can I still apply to Holy Apostles?
A: Yes! Holy Apostles is faithful to the Magisterium and teachings of the Catholic Church. If you believe you would be a good fit to learn within this framework – Catholic or not – we welcome you to apply. The mission of Holy Apostles is to cultivate Catholic leaders in every profession and walk in life for the purpose of evangelization. We ask our students to sincerely seek the truth in all things whether they are Catholic or not.

All Faculty make a Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity to remain faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Q: How do I request my official transcript and testing scores be sent to Holy Apostles?

A: On your application, you will find a section for your Academic Authorization and Reference Form.  This should be sent to your high school principal or counselor, or home school director.  This individual will attach your official high school transcript.

If you have earned college credits, please request your official transcript to be sent directly to Holy Apostles.  Similarly, if you have taken an AP or CLEP exam, please request your official scores to be sent directly to Holy Apostles.

We do request Take Credit! Program applicants to send their standardized testing scores.  If your test dates have been impacted due to COVID-19, we may be able to waive your standardized testing scores upon review of your high school transcript.

Codes for Holy Apostles

ACT: 7951
SAT: 0921
CLEP: 3439

Transcripts and testing scores may be sent electronically to [email protected].  Alternatively, they may be sent as a hard-copy to our campus address:

Holy Apostles College & Seminary
ATTN: Take Credit! Admissions
33 Prospect Hill Road
Cromwell, CT 06416

Q: Who can write my Letter of Recommendation?
A: Applicants must request one letter of recommendation either from a Priest/Religious or Academic/Mentor. Please request your letter of recommendation through your online application via email. Once received, it will be automatically attached to your application.

Letters of recommendation should not be requested from a relative.

Q: What are your online learning and technology requirements?

Please follow this link to view our Online Learning and Technology Requirements.

Speak with Admissions

Ms. Jacqueline Reiss

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
[email protected]
Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Important Dates & Deadlines

2022 Spring Semester

December 3 - Admissions & FAFSA Recommended Deadline
November 15 - Spring Registration Opens
December 23 - Priority Registration Closes
January 3 - Online Orientation Begins
January 10 - Spring Semester Classes Begin

2022 Summer Semester

April 8 - Admissions & FAFSA Recommended Deadline
March 21 - Summer Registration Opens
April 29 - Priority Registration Closes
May 2 - Online Orientation Begins
May 9 - Summer Semester Classes Begin

2022 Fall Semester

July 22 - Admissions & FAFSA Recommended Deadline
July 11 - Fall Registration Opens
August 19 - Priority Registration Closes
August 22 - Online Orientation Begins
August 29 - Fall Semester Classes Begin

“Holy Apostles’ Take Credit! Program has been a wonderful experience. The teachers present the material in a very Catholic manner, nurturing both the mind and soul at once. It was a pleasure to study under these professors, and I would definitely recommend Holy Apostles’ Take Credit! Program to any high schooler looking to take college classes while still in high school.”
Patrick O.

Take Credit! Student

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