Mission & Values


Inspired and guided by the mission of the founder of the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles, Fr. Eusebe Menard O.F.M., Holy Apostles College and Seminary strives to promote, form and accompany youths and adults to the priesthood, and other ministries and apostolates within the Church as faithful witnesses of Christ.


In particular, the Holy Apostles’ mission seeks to inspire and inform seminarians and students how:

  • To deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is Truth incarnate, and to integrate Him into every aspect of their lives.
  • To understand, embrace, and live according to the clear teachings of the Church’s Magisterium regarding faith and morals.
  • To form ordained, consecrated and lay missionary disciples by cultivating the spiritual, human, intellectual and pastoral development of its seminarians and students to serve Christ’s Church.
  • To deliver a Catholic educational experience by means of a recognizably distinctive and unambiguous Catholic intellectual tradition.
  • To instill a sincere devotion to the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, personal prayer and heartfelt service to others in order to form and prepare seminarians and students as effective witnesses of Christ to the culture.
  • To educate and challenge seminarians and students to formulate and communicate a coherent Christian worldview based on faith and reason and thus become effective evangelists, catechists and apologists for the Catholic faith.
  • To strive to create and maintain excellence in teaching and learning, research and discovery, and service and engagement, through the Liberal Arts, Philosophy and Theology in accord with the clear Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church.


Holy Apostles adheres to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church in the formation and education of our students. The Magisterium is the true teaching of Christ’s one Church on Earth and our various programs reflect our faithful adherence to these teachings, handed down to the Church since apostolic times. As a reflection of our commitment to the Magisterium, we are in submission to the ecclesiastical authority of the Church through, the Bishop of Norwich, the Most Reverend Michael R. Cote.

The Eucharist is the center of seminary life for those on campus, which radiates into all the programs we offer, for both our commuter students and those studying through our distance learning programs.

As we are a college and seminary, Holy Apostles is one of the very few Catholic colleges in America where lay students and seminarians attend many of the same classes – both on-campus and online.