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Welcome Personal Interest Students

Holy Apostles College and Seminary is thrilled you are interested in joining our academic community as a Personal Interest student. Please select the appropriate tab below.

Undergraduate Personal Interest

1. What is a personal interest student?

Personal Interest students at Holy Apostles College and Seminary are non-degree seeking students who are taking undergraduate or graduate-leveled courses for credit.

2. Where can Personal Interest Students study?

Personal Interest students have the flexibility to take classes on-campus, 100% online, or both.

3. I completed high school, but have not taken any college courses, can I apply as a Personal Interest Student?

Yes. With a high school diploma, students may apply as a Personal Interest Undergraduate Student.

4. How many courses can a Personal Interest Undergraduate Student take each semester?

Undergraduates are not limited to the number of courses they are able to enroll in each semester. Holy Apostles College and Seminary reminds all students that they want to be able to dedicate a minimum of an hour per day, per course in their schedules.

5. I’ve completed some college work, but have not yet earned an undergraduate degree. Can I apply as a Personal Interest student and apply the credits towards a degree at Holy Apostles?

Yes. Students who have earned college credit can apply as a Personal Interest student and apply the credits earned to any of the undergraduate degrees offered at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. To transfer credits from other accredited colleges, please see our Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Credit Policy here: (hyperlink)

6. Can I apply for Financial Aid as a Personal Interest Student?

No. Personal Interest Students are not eligible to receive financial aid. For more information about the financial aid policy, please click here

7. I’m a current Undergraduate student at another college and I need a course to graduate but it is not currently offered at my college. Can I apply as a Personal Intereststudent and have the credits transfer to my college?

Yes, Holy Apostles College and Seminary will allow students to join us as a Personal Inerest student to earn credits for another program. Please note that it is the responsibility of the student (and Not Holy Apostles College and Seminary) to research their current college’s policies on transfer credits. It is also the responsibility of the student to speak with their current Academic Advisor and/or college Registrar to ensure that the credits will transfer into their existing program prior to applying or enrolling in a course at Holy Apostles College and Seminary.

8. How do I apply as a Personal Interest Undergraduate Student?

1. Complete Application HERE

2. Submit High School transcripts and any college transcripts

3. Submit Two Letters of Recommendation

From a Priest, Deacon, Religious, or Minister
From a Professor, Supervisor, or Mentor

4. Submit Your Personal Essay

Whereas the mission of Holy Apostles College & Seminary is “to cultivate lay, consecrated and ordained missionary disciples for the purpose of evangelization”, please submit a typed essay of approximately 500 words expressing your motivation to become a member of the academic community.

Graduate Personal Interest / Continuing Education Program


Holy Apostles College and Seminary offers an outstanding online Graduate Continuing Education Program for non-degree seeking adults who have already earned an undergraduate degree but who are interested in taking one or more online, graduate courses in Philosophy, Theology or Pastoral Studies.

Graduate Personal Interest Students may want to take one or more courses for a variety of reasons: for personal enrichment; as a way to fulfill pre-requisite courses for other programs; in order to earn graduate transfer credits for a graduate degree program being taken at another college or university; or perhaps to discern the possibility of pursuing a graduate degree online or on campus at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. May a Graduate Personal Interest Student study online and on campus?

Most of our graduate courses are offered only online. However, some graduate-level Theology courses are offered on campus and may be taken by Graduate Personal Interest Students who are able to commute to campus.

2. I have an undergraduate degree, but I have never taken a Philosophy or a Theology course, may I still apply to your Continuing Education Program?

Yes. Holy Apostles College and Seminary will offer you guidance in selecting graduate courses in Philosophy and Theology that are designed as introductory level courses.

3. I am currently enrolled in another graduate degree program, but I am interested in taking one or two graduate courses online at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Is that possible?

Absolutely. We welcome graduate students who wish to earn transfer credit.

4. Can I apply for Financial Aid as a Graduate Personal Interest Student?

No. Unfortunately only degree-seeking students are eligible for financial aid.

5. How do I apply as a Graduate Personal Interest Student?

Please click HERE for our Continuing Education Program Application.

Speak with Admissions

Mr. Robert Mish, M.A.

Associate Director for Graduate Admissions

Important Deadlines & Dates

2020 Spring Semester

December 13 - FAFSA & Admissions Deadline
January 13 - Spring Semester Classes Begin
May 1 - Last Day of Spring Semester Classes

2020 Summer Semester

April 3 - FAFSA and Admissions Deadline
May 4 - Summer Semester Classes Begin
August 14 - Last Day of Summer Semester Classes

2020 Fall Semester

July 10 - FAFSA & Admissions Deadline
August 24 - Fall Semester Classes Begin
December 4 - Last Day of Fall Semester Classes

“I was searching for a Catholic college where I could take some additional courses in Philosophy, English, and History, and where I would be sure of the Catholic orientation of the subject matter. My desires have not been disappointed; on the contrary, I have found all the courses that I have taken at HACS as a personal interest student most interesting and enriching, as well as academically challenging. The faculty, in addition to teaching their subjects and incorporating solid Catholic principles, have made themselves available for questions or guidance by email. Since tuition costs were also a factor in my search, I can say that Holy Apostles keeps its tuition competitively on the lower side with other colleges, with the advantage of quality content. I am so grateful for the online possibilities and variety of courses provided by Holy Apostles.” 
Sister Teresa Joseph

Undergraduate, Personal Interest Student

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