Master of Divinity – MDiv.

Welcome to the MDiv. Program

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is a professional degree designed for men preparing to be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood or permanent Diaconate. Successful completion of the Master of Divinity program attests to the recipient’s competency for exercising priestly ministry gained from a thorough grounding in Sacred Scripture, Dogmatic and Moral Theology, Spiritual and Pastoral Theology, Canon Law, Liturgy, Homiletics and Church History.

Some students who apply at a later age and do not have a Bachelor’s degree may, with the permission of their diocese or religious society, earn a Certificate of Preparation for Ordination for the Priesthood upon the satisfactory completion of four years of theology. All requirements for those in the certificate program are the same as those in the M.Div. program, including the philosophy pre-requisites.

Candidates for the M.Div. degree must achieve and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

Admissions to MDiv. Program

Applicants for the M.Div. program should follow the Seminary Division Admissions Procedures.

Applicants for the M.Div. program must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university and 24 credits in 8 pre-requisite philosophy courses as given in the Theology program requirements described elsewhere in this catalog.

In cases where an applicant has been a seminarian in another accredited theologate, 60 graduate credits with at least a “C” grade may be transferred toward the M.Div. degree.

MDiv. Coursework

Degree Requirements

Ninety (90) credits of graduate theology are required and must include:

DTH 731          One and Triune God
DTH 751          Christology
MTH 611         Fundamental Moral Theology I
SAS 651           Synoptic Gospels

A minimum of nine credits must be earned in the areas of Moral Theology, Sacred Scripture, Dogmatic Theology, Pastoral Theology and Church History.

Year One
First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits
Year 1 Year 1
SAS 638 Torah and Old Testament Books 3 SAS 651 Synoptic Gospels 3
MTH 611 Fundamental Moral Theology I 3 CHH 881 Patristics 3
DTH    Sacraments of Initiation and Pneumatology 3 credits 3 MTH 841 Catholic Social Teaching 3
DTH 601 Faith, Revelation and Grace 3 To be determined 3
MTH 611 Fundamental Moral Theology I 3 PHS Philosophy of Personalism 3
PAS 600 Field Education 0 PAS 601 Field Education 0

Year Two
Year II Year II
SAS 621 Prophetic Literature 3 SAS 802 Johannine Writings 3
MTH 612 Fundamental Moral Theology II 3 Church History 3
CLA Canon Law I 3 CLA Canon Law II 3
PAS  Catechetics 3 BIE 625 Catholic Bioethics 3
LTH 453 Liturgical Theology 3 CHH 675 John Paul II: Life, Spirituality, and Philosophy 3
PAS 602 Field Education 0 PAS 603 Field Education 0


Year Three
Year III Year III
SAS 671 Letters of St. Paul 3 SAS 639 Psalms 3
DTH 910 Spiritual Theology/MTH 991 Moral Virtues and Confession* 3 DTH 965 Penance and the Anointing of the Sick 3
PAS 751 Homiletics I 3 PAS 951 Homiletics II 3
DTH 731 One and Triune God 3 DTH 751 Christology
DTH 751 Theology of the Body: Sexual Difference and Complementarity 3 DTH God as Father, Priests as Bridegrooms/Fathers 3
PAS 6004 Field Education 0 PAS 605 Field Education 0


Year Four
Year IV Year IV
SAS 657 Luke and the Acts of the Apostles 3 Scripture Class – to be determined 3
MTH 991 Moral Virtues and Confession/ DTH 910 Spiritual Theology* 3 CHH 671 Documents of Vatican II 3
DTH 971 Priesthood and Celibacy 3 PAS 599 Principles of Parish Management and Operations 3
DTH 760 Ecclesiology and Ecumenism 3 PAS Pastoral Theology and the New Evangelization 3
DTH 765 Mary, Mother of God & Mother of the Church 3 CHH Catholic Faith and Family in U.S. Culture 3
PAS 606 Field Education 0 PAS 607 Field Education 0


Master of Arts in Theology for Seminarians

With the permission of the Faculty Senate, and his ecclesiastical or religious superior, an exceptional student may be allowed to earn a Master of Arts degree in theology, in conjunction with the M.Div. degree.

The Master of Arts degree in Theology requires 36 semester hours of graduate course work beyond the M.Div. requirements. A student who plans to pursue more advanced graduate work in the future may elect write a Master’s Thesis or develop a Special Project. The Master’s Thesis and Special Project may be done for program credit. All students must complete four core courses and complete a summative evaluation.

The degree concentration may be in one of the following areas: Apologetics, Bioethics, Church History, Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology, or Sacred Scripture.

Students in the Seminary Program should consult the Academic Calendar for registration dates.

Seminary Information Request Form

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