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Undergraduate Admissions at Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Holy Apostles College and Seminary is a private Catholic college located in Cromwell, CT.  Undergraduate students enjoy the convenience and flexibility to study on-campus and 100% online without any residency requirements. 

Students have the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  Holy Apostles College and Seminary offers a rigorous, student-centered liberal arts education adhering to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and is committed to producing individuals who are well-educated in mind, body, and soul. 

Apply for Admissions in 5 Easy Steps.

Submit Official Transcripts and Scores

High School transcripts and any college transcripts
ACT Code: 7951
SAT Code: 0921
CLEP Code: 3439

Submit Two Letters of Recommendation

From a Priest, Deacon, Religious, or Minister
From a Professor, Supervisor, or Mentor

Submit Your Personal Essay

Whereas the mission of Holy Apostles College & Seminary is to “Cultivate Catholic Leaders for Evangelization,” please write a 500-word essay providing a brief autobiography and your reasons for choosing Holy Apostles College & Seminary.

Pay Your $50 Application Fee

Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your majors?

A: Students may earn their Associate of Arts in Theology or Liberal Arts.  Students may earn their Bachelor of Arts in one of six majors, with the opportunity to double-major in any of them: Theology, Philosophy, English in the Humanities, History in the Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, or Sacred Art.  For more information, click here

Q: What is the Undergraduate Admissions process for a student educated at home (homeschooled)?


A: This is a wonderful question!  The application process is no different from a publicly or privately educated high school student:

  • Complete the Undergraduate Admissions Application Form here
  • Submit Official High School Transcript and Standardized Testing Scores
  • Submit Two Letters of Recommendation (not from family)
  • Submit your 500-word Personal Essay
  • Pay Your $50 Application Fee

If you have any questions, we’d love to help.  We know that the admissions process can be a new experience, especially for homeschooling families.  Please contact Jacqueline Reiss, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at admissions@holyapostles.edu or 860-632-3026 for additional assistance!

Q: It has been many years since I graduated from High School or attended College. What is my Undergraduate Admissions process?


A: First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to complete your education!  Thank you for your interest in Holy Apostles College & Seminary.

Because of the variety of unique situations, please email or call our Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Jacqueline Reiss, at admissions@holyapostles.edu or 860-632-3026.  We will be happy to find out more about you and assist you accordingly!


Q: What is the process for transfer credits from another college/university or AP or CLEP tests?

A: Great question! Please refer to our transfer admissions page, here.

Speak with Undergraduate Admissions

Dr. Elizabeth Rex, M.B.A., Ph.D., Th.D. (cand.)

Director of Admissions

Jacqueline Reiss

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Important Admissions Dates

2020 Spring Semester

December 13 - FAFSA & Admissions Deadline
January 13 - Spring Semester Classes Begin
May 1 - Last Day of Spring Semester Classes

2020 Summer Semester

April 3 - FAFSA and Admissions Deadline
May 4 - Summer Semester Classes Begin
August 14 - Last Day of Summer Semester Classes

2020 Fall Semester

July 10 - FAFSA & Admissions Deadline
August 24 - Fall Semester Classes Begin
December 4 - Last Day of Fall Semester Classes

“The Holy Apostles campus community is like a family to me where both commuter lay students, like myself, and the religious are united in God sharing our ideas with one another and where the professors are engaging, orthodox, and truly devoted to their students! All that I have learned in the courses I have taken here at Holy Apostles have not only educated me as a student but have truly strengthened me as a person! There is perhaps no better place on Earth to study and receive a traditional catholic education that is both true, affordable, and enlightening than at Holy Apostles!”

Judah P.


“At Holy Apostles, I was greeted with friendliness and genuine caring.  I was offered flexibility in both tuition options and scheduling.  I opted to enter with online courses; but I never feel isolated.  I am always welcomed to the beautiful Holy Apostles campus, and always feel a part of its many activities and opportunities.  I joined the community of HACS as a freshman; and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Upon your first contact with the Admissions Office at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, you’ll see why!” 

Mary G.

Class of 2021

“Joining Holy Apostles has given me the freedom to study what I love, travel where I please, and study where I travel. The professors at Holy Apostles, in addition to providing rigorous, faithful, and fascinating classes, have graciously assisted me in planning my course schedule in conjunction with these travels. Thanks to them I have posted my weekly assignments from the steps of Saint Peter’s in Rome, read over my textbook on the train from Rome to Assisi, and replied to my classmates from the Toronto airport.”

Grace U.


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