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Online Learning and Technology Requirements

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Students who are interested in studying online at Holy Apostles should possess or be prepared to develop the following computer and internet skills:

• Familiarity and basic proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (or comparable   software)
• Ability to identify a web browser and navigate around it
• Ability to access an email account, send/receive emails, and attach documents
• Ability to upload and download documents on the internet
• Ability to utilize an online database, such as a library database
• Experience with watching videos online and the ability to listen to CDs

The free Online Orientation for New Students walks students through the steps to navigating Populi, our online learning management system. Each student will also be assigned a Holy Apostles (Google-based) email account which must be used for all academic-related correspondence at Holy Apostles.

While IT support is available to students, it is generally limited to Populi and Google email account questions. The IT Office cannot teach students basic computer and internet skills such as those outlined above. If you would like to develop those skills, we suggest you enroll in an in-person computer training course at your local library or community center.

In addition, these links may assist you in adequately developing your skills for free:

Computer Basics
Internet Basics

As a new online student at Holy Apostles, we recommend that you have a computer with the following basic hardware and software:

• A computer (not tablet) that is no more than three years old
• A reliable high-speed internet connection
• Populi requires the use of one of the following web browsers (please ensure that your version is up-to-date):

Google Chrome

• Microsoft’s Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or OpenOffice. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase or download these programs
• A DVD and/or CD player for online courses which may require one or both

The following are also highly recommended:

• A printer that prints from the computer. This is useful for students to print course syllabi, class notes, emails, and discussion forum conversations.
• Some courses offer the optional opportunity for synchronous engagement through Skype, WebEx, or other free video conferencing software like Google Hangouts or Zoom. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these products for those classes.

Important Dates & Deadlines

2023 Summer Semester

April 7 - Admissions & FAFSA Recommended Deadline
March 20 - Summer Registration Opens
April 28 - Priority Registration Closes
May 1 - Online Orientation Begins
May 8 - Summer Semester Classes Begin

2024 Fall Semester

July 21 - Fall 2023 Admissions & FAFSA Deadline
July 10 - Fall Registration Opens
August 18 - Priority Registration Ends
August 21 - New Student Online Orientation Begins
August 28 - Fall 2023 Classes Begin

2024 Spring Semester

December 1 - Spring 2024 Admissions & FAFSA Deadline
November 13 - Spring Registration Opens
December 22 - Priority Registration Ends
January 3 - New Student Online Orientation Begins
January 8 - Spring 2024 Semester Classes Begin