Anniversary of MSAs

As we celebrate the life of our Blessed Mother Mary on this Solemnity of her Assumption into Eternal Life, let us ask her intercession as we celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of the The Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles (MSA) by Rev. Eusebe Menard.


The Missionaries of the Holy Apostles’ primary ministry in the United States is to provide priests and lay leaders that can serve the Church as spiritual directors, teachers, and professional staff members to Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, CT.

Holy Apostles Selected for 2019-20 Newman Guide

Seal of the Cardinal Newman GuideIt is with great pride that we share with you the news that Holy Apostles has been selected for the Cardinal Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College. Holy Apostles has been honored to have been selected each year for the Newman Guide since its establishment in 2007. 


Of the 197 Catholic institutions of higher education in the US, only 26 have been selected for The 2019-2020 Newman Guide. The colleges recommended in The Newman Guide are committed to uniting faith and reason and strive to be faithfully Catholic. ”The colleges recommended in The Newman Guide are selected entirely at the discretion of the Newman Society following a careful review of each college’s activities and policies.” (Cardinal Newman Society)


We are honored to have been named alongside our fellow Catholic colleges and universities, who have committed themselves to uphold the teachings of the Church and form students in bringing the message of the Gospel to the world.


Visit the Newman Guide website to learn more!

#FunFactFriday: St. Joan of Arc Chapel

#FunFactFriday: The Chapel where St. Joan of Arc prayed is located in Milwaukee, WI.

Originally located in Chasse, France, the chapel was moved stone by stone to Long Island, New York, in 1927 at the request of Gertrude Hill Gavin. In 1962, Ms. Gavin sold her estate, including the chapel, to the Rojtman family. Days before moving to their new home, a fire ravaged the estate but the chapel remained unharmed. The Rojtmans sought a new, permanent home for the chapel. In 1964, the chapel was moved to its home at the heart of the Marquette campus. The chapel opened to the faithful in 1966.

According to Marquette University’s history page, Gavin also purchased the Joan of Arc Stone. “Backed by an official French endorsement of authenticity, the stone is believed to be one upon which Joan prayed for success before battle. The stone, reportedly kissed by the lips of the saint, was installed in the base of a wall niche behind the altar, and legend has it that it is always colder to the touch than the stones around it.” (Marquette Chapel History)

Pilgrimage to Spain & Portugal

Don’t miss your opportunity to travel with Shaun McAfee, Jonathan Blevins, and your spiritual chaplain Fr. Anthony Sciarappa to the many Holy sites of Portugal and Spain!


Pray the Rosary and join the twilight candlelight procession at the Shrine of Fatima with pilgrims from around the world, tour the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, venture into the fortified city of Avila—home to the convent of St. Teresa of Ávila—and several more!


Click below to see the complete list of hand-selected destinations in this completely exclusive pilgrimage event.  

New Faculty Publications

Prof. Trent Horn, a staff apologist for Catholic Answers and an Adjunct Professor of Moral Apologetics at Holy Apostles recently published an essay in the most recent issue of the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly that is titled, “Abortion and Good Samaritan Arguments.”


Prof. Horn directly challenges those defenders of legal abortion who “claim that even if the human fetus is a human being with the same right to life as an adult, abortion is not necessarily morally impermissible” because they attempt to “argue that abortion can be considered a form of indirect killing that results from the refusal to provide life support through one’s own body, which another person has no right to receive.” Horn faithfully explains that while “Catholic moral theology does not require people to donate organs against their will, this principle does not justify direct abortion.” National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 18.3 (Autumn 2018): 435-442.



Dr. Michela Ferri, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Holy Apostles, recently released a new book entitled, “The Reception of Husserlian Phenomenology in North America”


“This book presents a historiographical and theorical analysis of how Husserlian Phenomenology arrived and developed in North America. The chapters analyze the different phases of the reception of Edmund Husserl’s thought in the USA and Canada. The volume discusses the authors and universities that played a fundamental role in promoting Husserlian Phenomenology and clarifies their connection with American Philosophy, Pragmatism, and with Analytic Philosophy.” Springer 




Fr. William Mills, Adjunct Professor of Sacred Scripture at Holy Apostles, has recently released his memoir entitled: Losing My Religion: A Memoir of Faith and Finding
“After four years of college and six years in seminary, William Mills was ready for a parish–or so he thought. He didn’t realize much of his time would be endless discussions about bagels and coffee, digging ditches, and parking lot condom patrols.


For six years, community life was just humming along. Then disaster struck. Mills’ life came crashing down when nearly a third of his congregation left in a public power play, causing him to question his faith in himself, in the church, and in God. Marva Dawn, a noted writer of spirituality and ministry, said that being a pastor is like being peppered with popcorn: after a while, you just get tired of it, pack your bags, and move on. However, as Mills himself says, ‘I was either too stubborn or stupid, so I stayed.’


Losing My Religion is about the ups and downs, ins and outs, choices and challenges of being a pastor in the twenty-first-century church. It’s also about the redemptive power of community life and finding healing and wholeness in a broken world.”