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Wed., March 11: Beginning Monday, March 16th, on-campus classes will shift to web-based or to other non-class roomed based modes of teaching.

by | Mar 11, 2020

Lastest Update Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 12:05pm.

Dear Family of Holy Apostles College and Seminary, 

In response to the Coronavirus, the Connecticut Governor, Governor Lamont, declared a civil preparedness and public health emergency. Currently, the risk to our campus appears low. At the same time, we want to take steps to minimize risk. Heeding the request of the CDC (Center for Disease Control), we will implement a few measures for greater social distancing that will reduce the risk of infection. Beginning Monday, March 16th, on-campus classes will shift to web-based or to other non-class roomed based modes of teaching. 

In addition, until further notice, scheduled conferences and school outings have also been canceled. The library and the gym will be closed for at least two weeks. We respectfully ask faculty, staff, and students to cancel and/or suspend nonessential travel. For resident students who choose to remain on campus, we will continue to keep St. Peter’s dining room open, will continue to celebrate Masses, and maintain our liturgical schedule. If these scheduled events are deemed also risky, we will update you as soon as possible as this very fluid reality continues to unfold. Please note, that for now the scheduled Masses and liturgical celebrations are no longer open to the general public.

For those who are sick or may experience flu-like symptoms entailing a cough, shortness of breath and possibly a fever please notify Alicia Fleck, Fr Peter Kucer, and Fr. Martin Rooney as soon as you can. If you experience these symptoms, we respectfully ask that you refrain from attending the current community gatherings including Masses and meals. We will make sure that you are properly nourished both physically and spiritually, but in order to be of service to you we will need to know if you are sick. The same criteria apply to us as well.  

Finally, it has been brought to our attention of reports harassment, stereotyping, and bullying directed at people perceived to be of Asian descent. We are blessed that no such harassment has been reported on our campus and prayerfully hope this continues. We affirm our gratitude, love, and respect for every one of our seminarians, sisters, priests, faculty, staff, commuter students, resident students, on-line students, and volunteers.

United in the Lord Jesus, 

Fr Peter S. Kucer, M.S.A. S.T.D.

President Rector