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May We Prepare Our Hearts

by | Dec 21, 2020

Dear Friends of Holy Apostles College & Seminary,         

Even as we faced Coronavirus this year, even as we missed out on family celebrations or birthdays or even funerals, we know we are never alone.

Christmas brings God forever near to us.  Born a vulnerable infant, wrapped in “swaddling clothes,” resting in a manger, soothed by the clucking of hens, braying of donkeys, and lowing of cattle. And then the majestic rejoicing of Angel Choirs!  We, too, are united in the great chorus, Alleluia!

I thank you for remaining ever near to us who minister, teach and study at Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  Your prayers have guided our priests and professors, our seminarians, theology students, our young religious sisters in studies.  Your generosity holds open these doors to a new generation of leaders in the Catholic Church we cherish.

In your name, these young men and women, as future priests, religious sisters, and lay leaders, will be sent forth to joyfully preach the Gospel to the whole creation and to baptize in the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 

They, too, aspire and strive to be Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ, as our religious community, the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles, who founded, own, and operate Holy Apostle College and Seminary.

Will you continue your generous and essential partnership with us?  Will you please renew your support for our 27 on-campus seminarians, 15 young priests, and 49 religious sisters whose path to ministry and service in the Church is made possible through scholarships you help provide?

In their ongoing gratitude, they join our religious community and the staff of Holy Apostles College and Seminary, in offering you a Christmas Octave of Masses and prayers celebrated in our Queen of Apostles Chapel.

Please complete the intentions form located here as soon as possible with your prayers and the names of your loved ones so we can remember your special intentions in these special Octave Masses. We ask you to remember in your prayers these courageous young Catholic men and women who long to bear Christ Jesus to the world. I ask you to give generously to help them reach their inspired goal and vocation.

In partnership with Holy Apostles College and Seminary, you are providing them the highest quality Catholic education, rich spiritual formation, and in-depth ministry experience to animate and enrich their vocations of service to God’s people.

Their vocations and their lives of service will be their gift of lasting gratitude to you for your goodness and generosity.  In their years of need, you hold out a hand of friendship and a foundation of support.  They will never forget the gift you are giving them as they go forth as priests, religious sisters, and lay leaders.

May you and your family be protected under the mantle of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Christ Child, Queen of Apostles, and Mother of us all. 

Wishing you a Merry and Blessed, Holy and Hopeful Christmas, I remain ~

Very Rev. Peter S. Kucer, M.S.A.
President and Rector

Make a tax-deductible year-end gift Online or by Mail. 

  1. Give Online on or before December 31st
  2. Send a check postmarked December 31st to Holy Apostles College & Seminary, 33 Prospect Hill Road, Cromwell, CT 06416 

Thank you for sharing in the life of the Holy Apostles College & Seminary community and making 2020 a remarkable year.