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Internships at WCAT Radio

by | Feb 5, 2021

Dr. Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco, Holy Apostles alumna, is looking for some interns to work with her WCAT Radio Special Ministries Division.  This division works to train Christian therapists in integrating their faith with their psychotherapy.  We provide philosophy, logic and scriptural formation in order to help them achieve a rich integration that builds their interventions on the sound foundation of Jesus & His teachings/Word.

The Special Ministries Division also has a non-profit mission of Evangelization, formation and ongoing catechesis through the biblical Books of John.  This fulfills the mission of the late Archbishop Tomas Clavel who desired a school for Domestic Evangelization that would be established using the Biblical books of John, and commissioned Romuald Simeone on their implementation.  Little did the Archbishop foresee that they would become not only a set of published volumes (3 volumes, 4 books), but over 125 videos and WCAT radio programs.  One of WCAT’s Special ministries is to take his vision of 35 years in the developing and turn it into a school of learning that is unlimited geographically by virtue of radio and video.

Specifically, we are looking for interns in the following areas:

1)  Social Media & Marketing; 2) Grant research and development.  3)  Media back-end development: WordPress, Mail Chimp, Video Serializations, etc.

We are happy to help you fulfill practicum requirements for your studies that prohibit competing sources of revenue for your current studies.

If you are interested in this unpaid internship, please contact Chiara@wcatradio.com