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Sacred Scripture Unveiled

Sacred Scripture Unveiled

Unlocking the Soul of Sacred Theology

“[T]he study of the sacred page is, as it were, the soul of sacred theology (Dei Verbum, §24). With these words, the Second Vatican Council underlined the importance of studying the Word of God in Sacred Scripture. The Catholic Church recognizes Sacred Scripture as the inspired Word of God, written through the unerring inspiration of the Holy Ghost. All Catholics are encouraged to devoutly and prayerfully read Scripture each day in order to deepen their understanding of and love for God.

Cultivating Leaders for Evangelization: Holy Apostles’ Mission

As part of our mission to cultivate Catholic leaders for the purpose of evangelization, Holy Apostles is launching a Master of Sacred Scripture program that will give students the opportunity to study the 73 books of Sacred Scripture. Using commentaries, homilies, and glosses from the Fathers of the Church, as well as those of contemporary biblical scholars, you will study the Scriptures in light of the Church’s living tradition. In the 6th century, a Roman monk named Cassiodorus wrote, “Beloved, let us ascend without hesitation to Holy Scripture through the excellent commentaries of the Fathers, as if on the ladder of Jacob’s ladder, by which the angels ascend and descend.” Recognizing the Church Fathers’ invaluable contribution to biblical exegesis, each course in the program is rooted in Patristic writings. You will also study the works of contemporary biblical scholars who uphold the Church’s infallible teachings and interpretations of Sacred Scripture. Studying the entire Bible in light of the Church’s traditional teachings will enrich your personal prayer life, deepen your understanding of the Bible, and equip you to explain and defend the true meaning of the Scriptures to others.

Ascending the Ladder of Wisdom

To this end, you will also learn to read and translate the Bible in its original languages. With courses in Greek or Hebrew (or both if you would like!), you will learn to understand the original meaning of the ancient texts without needing to rely on others’ translations. Not all versions of the Bible are translated faithfully; William Tyndale’s famous translation, which contributed to the future King James Version, contained “over 2,000 errors” in the New Testament alone (Catholic Answers). While the Church recommends many accurate vernacular translations, it is important for Catholics to understand the texts in their original languages, without the changes that inevitably result from translation. Oftentimes in apologetics discussions, questions involving translation discrepancies will arise. Having a firm understanding of the sacred texts in their original languages equips the Catholic apologist to better defend the Faith. “Knowledge of the sacred languages is essential not only for comprehension but for what follows after the completion of this degree…for anyone who seeks to take up Our Lord’s command to evangelize, to make disciples of all nations,” explains Dr. Andrew Blaski, program director for our Master of Sacred Scripture.

An Innovative Approach

As a student of our Master of Sacred Scripture program, you will walk in the footsteps of the great Catholic theologians of the past two millennia. By studying the teachings of the Church Fathers and reading the Bible in its original languages, you will learn to understand the true meaning of each sacred book. As St. Jerome famously said, “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.” It is our hope that the Master of Sacred Scripture program will lead you deeper in your relationship with God through a better understanding of His eternal word.

Our Master of Sacred Scripture program officially launches in the upcoming spring semester, which begins January 8, 2024. We would love for you to join us in studying Sacred Scripture! You can view the course schedule for the program and apply on our website. Our admissions office is always happy to answer any questions you may have as they assist you through the application process. Please prayerfully consider applying to our program and studying Sacred Scripture with us!

About the author: Chantal LaFortune is a writer for Missio Dei and the editor of several books for En Route Books & Media. The Society of Classical Poets has published several of her poems. She is studying theology and English at Holy Apostles College & Seminary.