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Alumni Stories: Mrs. Diana Moyet-Trerotola

by | Dec 3, 2021

Alumni Spotlight:

Mrs. Diana Moyet-Trerotola, 2012

Master of Arts in Theology

“I am fortunate and blessed to have obtained my theological education from Holy Apostles College & Seminary. It has been an experience that continues to be fruitful in my ministry involvement and aspirations. I am proud to serve as an Alumna and highly recommend this institution for your advanced learning objectives.” 

Tell us about yourself

I was involved in many youth ministries as a teenager, serving in various youth leadership positions. As I matured in my faith, I became actively involved in my parishes, serving as Eucharist Minister, Lecturer, and Catechist. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Saint John’s University, Queens, New York, majoring in Rhetoric and Public Address, followed with a Master of Business Administration from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. I entered the FBI as a Special Agent in 1995, retiring in 2015. During my FBI tenure, I continued to volunteer in various Catholic ministries despite the many state-relocation moves due to my career. While still active in law enforcement, I established Women’s Walk of Faith Ministries, Inc., a non-profit-based organization, which offers a forum where women of all Christian denominations can assimilate, socialize and educate through shared life experiences. I pursued and earned a theological graduate degree from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in support of my ministry vision, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2012.

What are you doing now?

As Ministry Director and founder for Women’s Walk of Faith Ministries, Inc., I serve as a Lay Person speaker, Conference Coordinator, Bible Study Teacher, and Spiritual Adviser. I continue my ministry work online by writing and sending daily devotions to ministry subscribers, actively sharing the Word of God through social media venues, and establishing a network of women of faith in neighboring communities by hosting Bible studies and gatherings. Following my Chaplain Internship and Residency Program that I completed this August, earning four units of Clinical Pastoral Education at ChristianaCare Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center, and teaching hospital, I remained at ChristianaCare Health System as a volunteer hospital Chaplain. I am pending Chaplain Board Certification from the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.

Why did you decide to study at HA?

I was seeking a Master’s of Theology or equivalent in support of my vision for my Women’s ministry. Additionally, I envisioned pursuing a ministry career/vocation following my law enforcement retirement and felt a theological education would help establish that knowledge and foundation. However, being a federal employee subject to potential relocation, I needed to find an educational institution that offered online learning, which limited my options. After conducting a significant amount of research, I discovered that Holy Apostles College & Seminary offered a Distance Learning program that met my needs. This was also the only program that did not require a hybrid physical attendance requirement, which would have been challenging for me in my line of work. This decision to pursue a distance learning degree program proved prophetic as I relocated out of state twice during my theological studies due to work-related responsibilities.

What was your favorite course you took while at HA?

My favorite course at Holy Apostles College & Seminary was the Vatican II Documents, taught by Doctor Cynthia Toolin-Wilson. The course offered an in-depth and comprehensible historical understanding of the Second Vatican documents and how it transcends into the beliefs of our Catholic tradition. Dr. Toolin-Wilson’s teaching approach facilitated a practical learning experience despite an intensive dogmatic subject. This educational content served beneficial in my recent application for Catholic Chaplain Board Certification in a required theological integrated essay requiring my articulation of the understanding of the Second Vatican Documents as it relates to spiritual pastoral care.

How has your HA education helped you in your life?

My advance education at Holy Apostles College & Seminary has been extremely instrumental in my career aspirations. I knew that following my law enforcement retirement, I wanted to pursue a career in ministry, and I hoped my theological studies would help direct me in this vocation. Shortly after I retired, my parish, St. Andrew Catholic Church, Elk River, Minnesota, had an opening for a Director of Religious Education (DRE), requiring a degree in Theology. I was offered this position. When I relocated to Delaware, I was asked to serve as the Interim DRE for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Bear, Delaware, after the Priest became aware of my Master’s in Theology. And when God led me to pursue the vocation of Chaplaincy, not only did my theological degree meet the educational requirement, it provided the foundation needed for pastoral and spiritual engagement. This included incorporating a working knowledge of ethical theories as it applies to a clinical setting; providing religious and spiritual resources and practices to care recipients in diverse settings and needs; and facilitating theological/spiritual reflection and dialogue with patients and families encountering a crisis situation. With respect to my women’s ministry, my newly acquired theological knowledge enhanced Biblical concepts in my Bible Studies and speaking engagements, offering a new profound perspective for reflection.

Were you inspired by any particular person at HA (professor, mentor, tutor, staff member), and how?

The instruction by all of my professors fostered an interest to pursue my theological studies beyond a “requirement perspective” to a desire of personal and professional spiritual development. They were always available and engaging, allowing the students to engage with a personal perspective. Our Distance Learning representative, Mr. Robert Mish, was extremely valuable in guiding me on my theological educational journey, always resourceful and available, both during and after completing my Master’s program.