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Technology Appropriate Use Policy


This Policy applies to all Users of IT Systems, including systems, networks and facilities administered by HACS.

Use of IT Systems, even when carried out on a privately owned computer that is not managed or maintained by HACS, (e.g. student owned computer), is governed by this Policy.

Policy Statement

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure an information technology infrastructure that promotes the basic missions of HACS in teaching, learning, research, and administration. In particular, this Policy aims to promote the following goals:

To ensure the integrity, reliability, availability, and superior performance of IT Systems;

To ensure that use of IT Systems is consistent with the principles and values that govern use of other HACS facilities and services;

To ensure that IT Systems are used for their intended purposes; and

To establish processes for addressing policy violations and sanctions for violators.

Reason for the Policy

Information technology (“IT”), the vast and growing array of computing and electronic data communications facilities and services, is used daily to create, access, examine, store, and distribute material in multiple media and formats. Information technology increasingly plays an integral part in the fulfillment the Mission of HACS. Users of IT resources have a responsibility not to abuse those resources and to respect the rights of the members of the community as well as HACS itself.

Most IT use parallels familiar activity in other media and formats, making existing policies important in determining what use is appropriate. Using electronic mail (“email”) instead of standard written correspondence, for example, does not fundamentally alter the nature of the communication, nor does it alter the guiding policies. Policies that already govern freedom of expression and scholarly research govern electronic communication and research as well. This Policy addresses circumstances that are particular to the IT arena and is intended to augment but not to supersede other relevant policies.

Appropriate use of IT Systems

Appropriate Use: IT Systems may be used only for their authorized purposes — that is, to support the research, education, administrative, and other functions of HACS. The particular purposes of any IT System as well as the nature and scope of authorized, incidental personal use may vary according to the duties and responsibilities of the User.

Specific Proscriptions on Use

The following categories of use are inappropriate and prohibited:

Downloading, storing, or sending pornographic or obscene material.

Participation in chat rooms. (This does not include the use of instant messaging programs for legitimate correspondence/communication.)

Use of IT systems for gaming of any kind.

Use of bitTorrents or other peer-to-peer traffic.

Use that impedes, interferes with, impairs, or otherwise causes harm to the activities of others.

Use that is inconsistent with HACS’s non-profit status.

Use damaging the integrity of IT Systems.

Unauthorized access. Users may not access any data or information without proper authorization.

Distributing computer viruses. Users must not knowingly distribute or launch computer viruses, worms, or other rogue programs. Students must maintain up-to-date virus protection on all personal computers connected to the network.

Modification or removal of data or equipment. Without specific authorization, Users may not remove or modify any HACS-owned or administered equipment or data from IT Systems.

Approved devices. Users may only connect personal computers directly to the network, and personal data storage devices (e.g. USB flash-drives) may be used on public access computers


Users must observe intellectual property rights including, in particular, copyright laws as they apply to software and electronic forms of information.

Modification or Removal of Data or Equipment

Without specific authorization, users may not remove or modify any HACS-owned or administered equipment or data from the campus information technology system(s).


Users may not attempt to guess or apply the userid and password of another user. Users are not allowed to use the userid and password of another user.

Virus Protection

All users who connect their personal computers to the LAN (via wireless or hard-wire) are expected to have active virus protection running on their machines. Holy Apostles does not provide virus protection for personal computers.


The Internet activity of all users will be monitored, and the URL of each site requested will be recorded. This data, however, will only be reviewed if there is evidence of prohibited activity.


Individuals found to have violated this Policy may be subject to penalties provided for in other HACS policies dealing with the underlying conduct. Violators may also face IT-specific penalties, including temporary or permanent reduction or elimination of some or all IT privileges. The appropriate penalties shall be determined by the applicable disciplinary authority in consultation with the Systems Administrator.

*We are grateful to Yale University and its Director of Academic Computing Services, Phillip Long. Portions of this document developed with permission based on the Yale University IT Appropriate Use Policy as posted athttp://www.yale.edu/ppdev/policy/1607/1607.html as of September, 2005.