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President's Welcome


Dear, future students,

Thank you for considering Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Here, we are committed to nurturing Catholic leaders through intellectual rigor and spiritual growth. As a vibrant community dedicated to faith and education, we eagerly await the opportunity to guide and support you on your academic and spiritual journey. Join us in a place where your potential can truly flourish.

Mission & Educational Approach

At Holy Apostles College and Seminary, our mission is centered on cultivating lay, consecrated, and ordained Catholic leaders. We embrace a philosophy-rich, Catholic liberal arts education, deeply aligned with the vision of the “New Evangelization” championed by recent popes.

Our approach is shaped by Pope Francis’ call for every Christian to be a missionary, reflecting the Universal Call to Holiness emphasized by the Second Vatican Council. This commitment to holistic education prepares our students to be Jesus’ missionary disciples, equipped to spread His message and make disciples in the modern world. Our curriculum is designed not just to educate but to inspire and transform, fostering a new generation of leaders grounded in faith and ready to serve.

Unique Learning

Holy Apostles College and Seminary offers a distinctive educational setting where lay students, religious, and seminarians study together, fostering a rich and diverse learning environment. This unique integration allows students from various walks of life to share perspectives and grow both intellectually and spiritually.

Upholding our commitment to the Magisterium, our faculty members, approved by our Chancellor, are dedicated to their Oath of Fidelity. This ensures that our teaching not only adheres to Catholic doctrine but also resonates with contemporary relevance. Here, students experience a community that is both unified in its diversity and steadfast in its faith, creating an atmosphere where learning transcends the classroom and nurtures the whole person.

Commitment to
Personalized Catholic

Holy Apostles College and Seminary is dedicated to providing a personalized Catholic education that is accessible and flexible. We focus on nurturing leaders who think and love like Jesus Christ, offering both spiritual depth and academic excellence. Our approach is tailored to each student’s unique journey, ensuring they receive individual attention and support. In our community, every student is valued, not just as a learner but as a vital member of the Holy Apostles family, prepared to serve as effective leaders in the Church and beyond.

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