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Professor Steven Schultz

Professor Steven Schultz

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Adjunct Professor

Professor Steven Schultz is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and an adjunct professor of history, philosophy, and theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. A former active duty Air Force officer, he served in signals intelligence and then as a pilot, flying KC-10 air refueling tankers and C-21 Learjet transport aircraft. Steve is a freelance author who writes on a variety of subjects with an emphasis on theology, history, and current events. Additionally, he teaches middle and high school level history, literature, and photography courses with the Kolbe Academy online Catholic homeschool program. Steve lives in Florida with his wife, their two children, and three dogs.


  • Doctor of Philosophy: Education (Specialization: Online Learning), Regent University (currently pursuing)
  • Masters of Arts in Theology, Summa cum laude, Holy Apostles College and Seminary (2012)
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy, Summa cum laude, Holy Apostles College and Seminary (2015)
  • Master of Arts in Military Studies (History), American Military University (2010)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, University of Portland (1991)
  • Certification in Online Teaching and Learning, NCEA, Catholic Distance Learning Network (2013)
  • Certification in Teaching Research Design, NCEA, Catholic Distance Learning Network (2013)

Representative Publications

Published Theological Writings:

  •  “Anything but God,” St. Austin Review online, October 2010.
  • “On the Function of the Theologian,” (Published as “Are Theologians Necessary?”), New Oxford Review, April 2011.
  • “The Homosexually Oriented Person and the Church,” Homiletic and Pastoral Review, November 2012.
  • “Dante’s Inferno and the Population of Hell: A Response to Father Robert Barron,” The Latin Mass, Winter/Spring 2015.
  • “Common Core or Christian Core?” Catholic Social Science Review, 21, 2016.

Conference Paper Presentations:

  • “Faith and Reason – Two Wings of the Human Spirit,” 7th Annual DPS Conference, March 19-26, 2011.
  • Humanae Vitae: History and Meaning,” Society of Catholic Social Scientists Conference 2011, October 28-29, 2011; published in Lay Witness, July/August 2012.
  • “Social Justice is not Socialism,” Scholars for Social Justice 2011 Conference, July 2011; published in Social Justice Review, Vol. 102, No. 7-8 (July-August 2011).
  • “The Nature of the Soul and the End of Man,” 9th Annual DPS Conference, April 22-30, 2013.
  • “Are We Positive about Positivism?” 10th Annual DPS Conference, March 29, 2014

Theology and Philosophy Blogs:

  • Aquinas Center for Catholic Faith and Reason, www.accfr.org.
  • Traditional Catholic Faith, www.traditionalcatholicfaith.com.

Published Historical Writings:

  • “George Washington and the Purple Heart,” Armchair General online, November 2009.
  • “The Trenton-Princeton Campaign: The Turning Point of the American Revolution,” Patriots of the American Revolution, January/February 2012.
  • “Lady Nicotina: A Brief Sketch of Pipe Smoking during the Renaissance,” forthcoming Renaissance, spring 2014.
  • Book Review: “For This Marvelous Country,” Armchair General online, April 2010.
  • Book Review: “Highlander,” Armchair General online, April 2010.
  • Book Review: “The Most Dangerous Enemy,” Armchair General online, August 2010.
  • Book Review: “Naked in Da Nang,” Armchair General online, October 2010.
  • Book Review: “Rommel’s Desert War,” Armchair General online, February 2011.
  • Book Review: “After the War,” Armchair General online, September 2011.
  • Book Review: “Hitler’s Master of the Dark Arts,” Armchair General online, September 2011.
  • Book Review: “Battlefield Angels: Saving Lives Under Enemy Fire from Valley Forge to Afghanistan,” Armchair Generalonline, December 2011.
  • Book Review: “The Civil War Generals,” Armchair General online, February 2014.

Professional Memberships

  •  American Catholic Philosophical Association
  • Dead Philosophers Society, Vice President 2011-2012 term
  • Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
  • Society for Catholic Social Scientists