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Prof. Cynthia Gniadek

Prof. Cynthia Gniadek

Adjunct Professor

Prof. Cynthia Gniadek currently teaches ENG 891 Academic Research, Design, and Writing; ENG 550 Advanced Academic Writing; ENG 221 Novels, Short Stories, and Literary Research; ENG 131 Poetry; ENG 151 Drama; and SOC 325 Catholic Formation and New Media. She also leads the online resource orientation for incoming students and is Director of the Online Writing Lab (OWL), Chair of the A.A. Liberal Arts Program Online, and Chair of the B.A. English in the Humanities Program Online.

M.A., Philosophy, Holy Apostles College & Seminary (Cromwell, CT), 2014.
M.T.S., Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family (Washington, DC), 2008.
B.A., Psychology, University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA), 2006.

Online Teaching and Learning, United Theological Seminary (Dayton, OH), 2016.
Copyediting, University of California (San Diego, CA), 2015.
Teaching Research Design, Catholic Distance Learning Network (Washington, DC), 2015.