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Dr. Eduardo Bernot, Ph.D.

Dr. Eduardo Bernot, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Eduardo Bernot, Ph.D. is Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Christian Wisdom concentration online program. His main area of research is metaphysics insofar as it is the science of first principles. He is a member of the International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA) and a fellow of Aquinas Leadership International.

Courses Taught

· PHS 731: The One and the Many
· PHS 751: The True, the False, the Lie and the Fake
· PHS 761: The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful and the Ugly


· Ph.D., Abat Oliba CEU University, Barcelona, with the dissertation *The First Principles of Mathematics in the Light of St. Thomas Aquinas*

· M.A., Holy Apostles College and Seminary

· B.Sc., National Louis University, and Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education


Bernot, Eduardo, *After Mathematics: How Modern So-Called Mathematics De-mathematized the Sciences* (in progress).

“Las ciencias matemáticas frente al *De nominum analogia*,” Espíritu LXVII (2018), n.º 156, 435–471.