Dr. Jon Kirwan

Dr. Jon Kirwan

Adjunct Online Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Jon Kirwan is an Adjunct Online Professor of philosophy.  Having finished his doctorate at the University of Oxford, his specialization is in modern French Catholic thought, and in particular the modern reception of Aquinas.  Jon’s doctoral thesis has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press and is undergoing final revisions.  In addition, he’s working on translating and assembling an anthology of articles from the theologically and philosophical influential debate surrounding the nouvelle théologie during the French post-war era.

Jon delayed his academic studies to work in literacy and education for a number of years in various impoverished areas, such as the Navajo Indian Reservation, South Central Los Angeles, Africa and Mexico.  He create a literacy and youth mentoring center in Watts that employs twenty teenagers and services almost one hundred struggling learners, and he started a pipeline program that took food, supplies, and toys to Tijuana for the needy, along with various tradesmen, to help restore local neighborhood churches.  Married with five children, Jon lives in California.


An Avant-Garde Theological Generation: The Nouvelle Théologie and the Crisis of Modernity (forthcoming)

A Question of Truth: Key Texts in the Nouvelle Théologie Affair (forthcoming)

The Nouvelle Théologie and Vatican II (forthcoming)