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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where I can find the Annual Course listings to see when my courses are offered?

Where can I check my Faculty bio?

Find your name from this page and click on it: https://holyapostles.edu/faculty/

Where can I find the current academic calendar?

The Academic Calendar for both On Campus and Online courses may be found here: https://holyapostles.edu/academic-calendar/ 

Where can I find the current Catalog?

The current Academic Catalog as well as past editions may be found at https://holyapostles.edu/catalog/ 

How do I submit a change to my Faculty bio page?

Faculty needing to submit a change to their faculty bio page should send an email to Jennie Murphy at helpdesk@catholicss.com

Course/Student Related Questions

When are grades due each semester?

Grades are due exactly one week from the last day of the semester. 

How long does a student receiving an Incomplete get to complete their work?

Students receive 4 weeks from the last day of the semester. In order for a student to qualify for an incomplete, over half of his or her work must have been handed in before the end of the semester.

Up until when can a student withdraw?

Students must withdraw before the 12th week of the semester. If a student did not get through half the course’s material by the 10th week then an incomplete would not be appropriate and the student should be told to withdraw before the end of the 11th week.

How do I release the Incomplete "flag" when a student handed in their work?

Please see the video tutorial for Closing Incomplete Students

Videos Tutorials

Availability Tutorial

Closing Incomplete Students Tutorial

Closing a course in Populi