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Take Credit! Program Overview

Welcome, High School and Homeschool students!  The Take Credit! Program at Holy Apostles College & Seminary is your first step in your college career!  This dual-enrollment honors program is available to current high school and homeschool juniors and seniors, providing the opportunity to earn college credit before high school graduation.

The 100% online learning environment at Holy Apostles is both flexible and affordable.  With no “live” login sessions required, you may complete the materials on your own time in the week-by-week format.

The Take Credit! Program provides special reduced tuition for its students.  At half our exceptionally affordable tuition, students in the Take Credit! Program only pay $585 per 3-credit course.  Credits earned in the Take Credit! Program can be transferred into an Undergraduate degree program at Holy Apostles or transferred to another college or university.

Holy Apostles College & Seminary is a Cardinal Newman Guide Recommend Catholic College located in beautiful Cromwell, CT. Students enjoy the convenience, affordability, and flexibility of studying 100% online without any residency requirements.  Our fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church, flexible online format, and extraordinarily affordable tuition make Holy Apostles the clear choice for you to begin your college journey.

What are the advantages of the Take Credit! Program?

  • Higher rate of college credit transfer with a semester-based grade instead of a single exam grade (i.e. AP classes)
  • Total immersion in college environment through online interaction with professors and students
  • Graduate from college sooner by taking general education requirements now while dual-
    enrolled in your junior and senior years of high school
  • Truly affordable REDUCED tuition at a faithful, Catholic college
  • “Easy Apply” to Undergraduate Programs at Holy Apostles

What sorts of courses are offered in the Take Credit! Program?

Our sequence of course offerings for Take Credit! students provides the framework to help you find the right course for the right semester. Don’t forget that it is completely flexible, though! Because students in the Take Credit! Program are dual-enrolled, the credits you earn in any 100- or 200-level courses may be used to fulfill high school graduation requirements if accepted at your high school or homeschool. Please contact Ms. Jacqueline Reiss, Take Credit! Program Liaison, for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for the Take Credit! Program?

A: High School and Homeschool students who have completed their 10th grade year are eligible to apply for the Take Credit! Program at Holy Apostles College & Seminary.  Please see the Take Credit! admissions page for details and deadlines.

Q: Which courses and how many courses can a student enroll in each semester?

A: Students may enroll in any of our 100- and 200-level courses which are offered 100% online. Students may enroll in one or two courses per semester.  Each semester is 15 weeks long and we offer three semesters per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Aspire higher at Holy Apostles by getting a head start on your college education!

Q: How many credits are each course?

A: All courses at Holy Apostles are 3-credits. An additional 1-credit optional virtual lab is available for certain science courses.

Q: What is the tuition for the Take Credit! Program?


A: Our Take Credit! Program has special reduced tuition of just $585 per 3-credit course for high school students in the program. The 1-credit optional virtual lab is $195. The reduced Take Credit! Program tuition does not include applicable fees (e.g. $40 per semester registration fee). Federal financial aid is not available to high school students.

Our standard college tuition rate of $390 per credit is already exceptionally affordable when compared with other private 4-year institutions. Holy Apostles provides an excellent academic education while saving students and their families upwards of $100,000 over the course of the four-year Bachelor’s degree!  Students can graduate from college with little-to-no debt and freely follow where God leads.

Q: Which homeschool programs/curriculum accept Holy Apostles Take Credit! courses for dual enrollment?

A: Holy Apostles welcomes homeschool juniors and seniors to our Take Credit! program. The following links will provide general information, but it is best to contact your homeschool program or curriculum directly to ensure your eligibility of dual-enrollment credit.

Seton Home Study School

Q: With which schools does Holy Apostles have memoranda of understanding?

Holy Apostles College & Seminary currently has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Catholic high schools and homeschool organizations listed below.  These memoranda simplify the admissions process for students and reduces administrative and salary costs for high schools.  Overall, the dual-enrollment Take Credit! Program provides students the opportunity to save time and money in college!  Qualified high school students may apply to begin courses the semester following their sophomore year of high school. 

High Schools

Academy of the Holy Family, Baltic, CT
Angelicum Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
Chaminade High School, Mineola, NY
Chesterton Academy of Rochester, East Rochester, NY
Holy Family Academy, Manchester, NH
Imago Dei Classical Academy, New Britain, CT
Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers (ARCH), MD
Mount Royal Academy, Sunapee, NH
Regina Caeli, Inc., Roswell, GA

If you are a student at one of these schools, please see your school principal for details. If you are the administrator of a Catholic high school and would like to arrange a Memorandum of Understanding with Holy Apostles, please contact Ms. Jacqueline Reiss, Take Credit! Program Liaison.

Q: Where can Take Credit! students study?

A: Take Credit! students take classes 100% online. Holy Apostles College and Seminary does not allow students to attend classes on campus until they reach 18 years of age. However, minors are welcome to begin studies online in our Take Credit program. Holy Apostles College & Seminary offers fall, spring, and summer online semesters.

Q: Where have other Take Credit! students earned their Bachelor's degree from?

A: The majority of Take Credit! students stay enrolled at Holy Apostles for their Undergraduate degree. Some transfer to local state universities or other Newman Guide colleges (transfer credit information available here).

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