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Earn an Undergraduate degree Oncampus or Online at Holy Apostles College

In the heart of Connecticut and in the heart of the Internet - we're now fully online!

Really Catholic

Holy Apostles College, a fully accredited co-ed college, offers a philosophically based undergraduate liberal arts education in the Catholic intellectual tradition that is anchored by a rigorous honors core curriculum. There are four classical Bachelor of Arts degree majors – Philosophy, Theology, English in the Humanities, and History in the Social Sciences. A two-year Associate of Arts degree in Theology is also available.

The rigorous curriculum at Holy Apostles enables students to develop a refined ability to think clearly and reason soundly – skills that are essential in every career. Holy Apostles prepares students both for life and for graduate school, where students study for specific careers.

Faith in Jesus Christ is the center of everything at Holy Apostles, where students are immersed in Truth via the beauty, depth and tradition of Catholic teaching. At Holy Apostles, the primary goal is to prepare men and women to serve Jesus and His Church by showing them how to integrate their ever-growing, robust faith into all the relationships and activities of their daily life - in their homes, their parishes, their workplaces, their communities and the world.

Really Affordable

A Holy Apostles education is amazingly affordable. Holy Apostles is one of the lowest-priced private colleges in New England, and because there are no added fees the total cost is comparable to that paid by commuter students at Connecticut's public universities. There also are several financial aid options to lighten the load, and many students graduate with no student debt. To learn more, click on Tuition and Financial Aid.

Really, Really Close

In addition to all of our undergraduate programs now being available fully online, Holy Apostles is conveniently located in the heart of Connecticut, less than an hour's drive from almost anywhere in the state(as well as greater Springfield, Mass.). The campus is near the intersection of Interstate 91 and Route 9, which is conducive to its role as one of the nation's few Catholic colleges where the emphasis is primarily on commuter students. There are definite benefits to commuting. You can keep your job close to home. You can control your college costs. And you can bring the Truth you have learned back to your community and start sharing it and living it immediately.

For those who live beyond commuting distance, there are many options for renting residential space (apartments, rooms in private homes, etc.). The college also offers a Host Family program for those who do not live close enough to campus to commute. Information on housing options is available by clicking on our Housing link.

But there is more to being close than driving distance. At Holy Apostles students become really close to one another. Our college is small enough that you will know everyone and everyone will know you. Numerous opportunities for community worship, social activities, trips and special events help to bond students together as friends for life.

Students treasure the abundant peace and extraordinary beauty of Holy Apostles’ hillside campus above the Connecticut River because moments of quiet and beauty are often the times when you learn the most about God and yourself.

You can spend as much time on campus as you like. Why not start now? If you would like to tour the campus, sit in on a class and meet our students and faculty, contact Fr. Douglas Mosey, to set up a time that works for you: 860.632.3010.

Student Body

Holy Apostles attracts a diverse body of students.  Among the College Division programs, laity and religious attend courses on full and part‐time schedules. Being a smaller institution enables Holy Apostles to maintain a good working student-teacher ratio. Holy Apostles encourages interaction between laity, religious, seminarians, and priests. Through opportunities for community worship, and social activities and events (e.g., Christmas parties, study groups, cultural experiences, and trips), the student body is provided with a variety of events to promote a community atmosphere.

(860) 632-3010