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November 5, 2020

Dear New Online Students,

Welcome to Holy Apostles College & Seminary!!  We look forward to working with you over the next few years.  Even though we continue to maneuver through this Pandemic with all of its unknowns, our current students will tell you that we have not dropped a beat in our service to each of them.  We are thrilled that you are now a part of this family!

The upcoming Spring 2021 semester is right around the corner.  Courses and registration forms will be up on our website by the beginning of November. This is the procedure you will follow 8 weeks prior to every semester that you study with us in order to find the upcoming semester’s registration information.  Therefore, save these instructions for the future.  Please note that each syllabus includes your reading materials that you will need to purchase. Once you have registered for your course(s), it is best to purchase the materials early so that they arrive before classes begin.  This has been especially true during this Pandemic when shipping has slowed down from what we’re used to.  Homework is often assigned during the first week of class!

To view the Spring course registration forms and syllabi, please log onto our website:  www.holyapostles.edu.  You will see a burgundy bar at the top; click on CURRENT STUDENTS.   From there, scroll down and click on “Registration Information” found under the “Online” portion of the “Registration” area.

Students may begin registering for the Spring semester starting on Monday, November 23.  The Spring semester begins on Monday, January 11, 2021, and ends on Friday, April 30, 2021.

Please note that for this Registration Period, registering early will be particularly important.

The offices at Holy Apostles will be closed for Christmas break from December 24th and return back on January 4th.  This date of January 4th is also the date when the Online Orientation for New Students begins.  Therefore, it is very important that you register before December 23rd to be processed in a timely fashion and be enrolled in your Online Orientation on time. 

To Register for your courses on or after November 23rd, please see the below instructions pertaining to either the Undergraduate or Graduate program you are pursuing:

All New UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS (including Personal Interest Undergraduate)

  • You must register through your Adviser.  Your adviser is Ms. Cathy Surface. Please use her Online Booking Calendar (https://csurface.youcanbook.me/) to set up an advisement appointment and registration.  You may also call her at 860-632-3036.
  • When registering, be prepared to discuss payment. All tuition payment is due upon registration unless you’re receiving Federal/Government/Military Aid.

All New GRADUATE STUDENTS (including Personal Interest Graduate) will be able to register in several ways:

  • You may email your scanned registration form to onlineregistration@holyapostles.edu
  • You may phone Ms. Pon Olmer at 860-632-3067 or me, Mrs. Jennifer Arel, at 860-632-3070.
  • You may mail your registration form along with a check to the address listed on the form.
  • If you want to contact your adviser, Prof. Steven Schultz, with questions about your program, you may email him at sschultz@holyapostles.edu
  • Please note that new Graduate students must begin with the first co-requisite course unless you have been told otherwise. All tuition payments are due upon registration unless you’re receiving Federal/Government/Military Aid.

After you’ve registered, all new students should be aware of the following:

Once you contact us for registering, I will proceed to create a Holy Apostles email account for you.  This email account is the only email your professors and all staff will use to contact you.  It is imperative that you log into this new account on a regular basis.

  • You will receive an email from me with instructions to help you log into this new email account and to complete your Populi activation process.  Populi is our Learning Management System through which all of your online courses will be taught.
  • Within that email, you will also receive instructions on purchasing books and starting your Online Orientation for New Students.


  • All of our Online courses are taught on our Populi Learning Management System. Populi is able to run on the following up-to-date browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.  You will also need a reliable, high speed internet connection.  Please be sure these requirements are in place before the semester begins.  To review the other Online Learning and Technology Requirements, please visit the website here: https://holyapostles.edu/online-learning-and-technology-requirements.
  • We offer two waves of the Populi Online Orientation course.  For those who register prior to January 4th, you will be placed into the first wave of the course which begins on January 4th.  This is optimal since it allows you to complete the Orientation prior to the start of your classes.
  • However, if registering before January 4th is not possible, then a second wave of the Orientation course is offered starting on January 11th, the same day as the start of your classes.
  • PLEASE NOTE that each wave of this Orientation is accessible for only2 weeks.  It is a Pass/Fail course and will show up on your Transcript.  Even if you have taken online courses before at a different institution and feel this course will be redundant, it contains academic policies and procedures for Holy Apostles so you must complete it.  We appreciate your cooperation with this.


  • If you are a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen, and planning to use Federal Aid, VA Benefits, or are an Active Military, you must contact our Financial Aid Office before the deadline on Friday, December 4th.  Please email finaid@holyapostles.eduor call Mrs. Debra Johnston at 860-632-3020.
  • You may pay for your courses using a major debit/credit card or mailing us a paper check along with the registration form.
  • You can avoid our Late Registration fee if you register before January 2nd. However, registering after December 23rd will delay your ability to start in the first wave of the Orientation so it is advisable to register prior to December 23rd.

Please review the Tuition and Fees webpage to see our Withdrawal Refund Policy.  From that webpage, you will see that once a course starts, a full refund is not possible.  The refund policy is as follows:

Prior to the first day of classes (January 11th)==> 100% Refund
By the first Friday (January 15th) of classes==> 75% Refund
By the third Friday (January 29th) of classes==> 50%Refund
By the fifth Friday (February 12th) of classes==> 25%Refund
After the fifth Friday (February 13th and beyond) of classes==> 0% Refund

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!!

God’s Blessings,

Jennifer Arel
(860) 632-3070
Director of Online Learning
National Catholic Bioethics Center Liaison
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
33 Prospect Hill Rd.
Cromwell, CT 06416