Holy Apostles College & Seminary Defies Educational Trends by Lowering Tuition, Accelerating Graduation
Since 2015, Holy Apostles College & Seminary, which serves students from every continent, has dedicated itself to keeping tuition rates for graduate and undergraduate students affordable. To help students graduate as debt free as possible.  Combined with a flexible online program that reduces housing costs, this represents an unparalleled bargain for an accredited quality Catholic Liberal Arts education. Holy Apostles’ educational program is distinguished again in 2018 as a Newman Guide Recommended College.
In 2015, the college has been able to synchronize the tuition rates across all programs to $320 per credit hour, a 28% drop in rates for the undergraduate program and an 8.5% drop for the graduate program.
“A debt-free graduate is a gift to both society at large and particularly to the universal Church,” commented Very Rev. Douglas Mosey, President-Rector at Holy Apostles College & Seminary. “Debt free graduates can direct their resources to better serve as Catholic leaders not only in the Church, but in every profession.”
Combined with the Holy Apostles ‘24/365 All Year Online Campus,’ undergraduate students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in as little as 2.6 years for an unheard-of low tuition investment. This path runs counter to current trends in education where only 30% of freshmen get a bachelors’ degree in four years. Graduate students can likewise benefit by obtaining their degree in about 1.6 years. A new student can get both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in four years and launch a career in less time with less cost.
“We realize that the cost of a college education is daunting to many in this day and age. Launching our 2.6-year degree program is an intense course of study for the student, but that combined with our new, lower tuition puts the total cost in reach for most,” said Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, Vice President of Administration. “When you put the two together, the earnings gain can quickly pay for the education. Many of our graduates are serving the Church in some way, so this is particularly valuable to the mission. No matter what profession our graduates go into, a solid liberal arts degree is a superb foundation and confirms them in their Christian values the world needs so much to see.”
“This is excellent news and should be a headline story.  It’s another manifestation that Holy Apostles is different from other colleges.  You’re right, student debt is a significant deterrent for prospective students and a major problem for typical college graduates,” says MA in Theology student Tim Post.
“Great news and, shall I say, unheard of in education!  Tuition is going up around the country. Holy Apostles should be on the front page of blogs worldwide.  You guys are amazing!” observed Dr. Leo Stouder, a MA in Philosophy student.
About Holy Apostles College & Seminary: Holy Apostles College & Seminary www.holyapostles.edu is a regionally accredited, co-educational Catholic Liberal Arts college located in historic Cromwell, Connecticut, USA. Undergraduate, graduate, and seminary degrees in philosophy and theology, in on-campus, on-line and blended formats are offered. For more information contact [email protected] or call 860-632-3010 (Main Office) or 860-632-3070 (Online Learning Office).