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Pope John Paul II Bioethics Center

Medical Directives

A library of downloadable advance medical directives.

The links on this page will take you to forms that have been specially prepared to be life protective, to promote your ability to guarantee that medical decisions made on your behalf conform to your wishes, and that any such decisions are consistent with the moral teaching of the Catholic Church. Recognizing that no one is obliged to accept extraordinary or disproportionate treatment or care, these documents will also offer assurance that ordinary and proportionate treatment and care will not be denied.  These documents are not intended for anyone who wants extraordinary care provided while they are incapacitated. If you want to provide for extraordinary care in an advance directive do not execute any of the following documents. The following four documents are provided:

  1. CT Advance Medical Directive This comprehensive advance directive includes a statement of Catholic principles and reference to specific teaching and relevant pastoral documents of the Church, health care instructions (including an optional provision in the event of pregnancy), appointment of health care representative who may act on your behalf to assure compliance with your wishes, designation of a conservator of the person should one ever be needed, an optional section regarding election or refusal of anatomical gift (organ donation) and authorization for release of health care information to your heath care representative. 
  2. CT Advance Medical Directive - Secular The second document is another comprehensive advance directive including all of the items in number 1 above but without explicit reference to Catholic teaching and pastoral documents. It does contain a statement of principles that is consistent with fundamental human dignity. It is offered for those who may not be Catholic or of any particular faith but recognize that the principles annunciated therein are based on sound reason and unqualified respect for human persons.
  3. Short Form Advanced Directive This short form advance directive that provides basic life affirming health care instructions in the event you cannot communicate your own decisions. It is in accordance with traditional Catholic teaching.
  4. Appointment of Health Care Representative This document is a short form appointment of health care representative by which you designate an individual you trust to act as your heath care representative so that your wishes may be carried out in the event you cannot speak for yourself.

These documents were prepared by one of our adjunct faculty, Deacon Tom Davis, JD, LLM, MA, who is solely responsible for the content. Deacon Tom would be pleased to discuss these documents with anyone who is interested. He also advises that if you do not understand any part of the directive or listed documents, or any other legal document, be sure to discuss it with your own attorney before signing. Deacon Tom Davis may be contacted by mail at St. Ann Melkite Greek-Catholic Church, 181 Clapboard Ridge Road, Danbury, Connecticut 06811; by phone at St. Ann's Church 203.743.5119 or via

(860) 632-3010