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Distance Learning - Fall 2012 Undergraduate Courses

The following courses are scheduled to be offered through the Distance Learning program for the Fall 2012 semester. This course list will be finalized when the registration mailing is released. Please note that until then, changes may be made at any time.

Thank you for supporting our Online Bookstore which will be open when registration begins.

Fall 2012: Undergraduate Required Materials List

CH 300 - Introduction to Church History (Ms. Heather Voccola, MA)

  • Schreck, Alan. The Compact History of the Catholic Church. ISBN-10: 086716879X or ISBN-13: 978-0867168792. List price $10.07
  • Vidmar, O.P., John. The Catholic Church Through the Ages. ISBN-10: 0809142341 or ISBN-13: 978-0809142347. List price $13.29
  • Additional readings will be available through the Populi site

LA 510 Ecclesiastical Latin I (Dr. Philippe Yates)

  • John Collins, A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, ISBN-13: 978-0813206677 List price $23.90

LA 520 Introduction to Biblical Greek (Mr. John Hornyak, Ph.D(Cand.))

  • William D. Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar ISBN-10: 0310287685 or ISBN-13: 978-0310287681 List price $31.49
  • William D. Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar Workbook ISBN-10: 0310287677 or ISBN-13: 978-0310287674 List price $14.61

PHL 301 History of Ancient Philosophy (Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, O.P.)

PHL 525 Logic (Dr. Philippe Yates)

  • Peter Kreeft. Socratic Logic 3e: A Logic Text Using Socratic Method, Platonic Questions, and Aristotelian Principles. ISBN-10: 1587318059 ISBN-13: 978-1587318054 List Price: $35


PHL 590 – Metaphysics (Dr. Timothy Smith)

  • Aristotle, Metaphysics, translation by W.D. Ross in Barnes' Complete Works of Aristotle, Vol 2: Publisher: Princeton University Press (September 1, 1984) ISBN-13: 978-0691016511. List price $ 30.00 OR Joe Sachs Publisher: Green Lion Press; 2nd edition (March 1, 2002) ISBN-13: 978-1888009026. List price $ 36.00
  • Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on Boethius’ De Trinitate, qq. 5-6  Available online for FREE at:
  • Thomas Aquinas, On Being and Essence Available online for FREE at:

SOC 520 Current Perspectives on Religion in the United States (Dr. Cynthia Toolin)

  • Introduction to Man Seeks God: My Flirtations with the Divine, by Eric Weiner.  PDF file provided on Populi
  • Stephen Cave, Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How it Drives Civilization. New York: Crown Publishers, 2012. ISBN-10: 0307884910 List Price $25
  • Greg Eptstein, Good Without God: What a Billion Non-Religious People Believe. New York: Harper Publishers, 2012. ISBN-10: 0061670111 List Price $25.99
  • Ross Douthat, Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics. New York: Free Press, 2012. ISBN-10: 1439178305 List Price $26
  • Dinesh D’Souza, Bad Things Happen. Is There a God Who Cares? Yes. Here’s Proof. Tyndale House, 2012. ISBN-10: 1414324855 List Price $25
  • Karen Armstrong, The Case for God. New York: First Anchor Books, 2010. ISBN-10: 0307389804 Price $16.95 (paperback)

PROFESSOR NOTE: All of these titles should be readily available in the library as well but reserve early because they are popular books.

STD 520 Introduction to Spirituality (Fr. Augustine Ibok, SMP)

  • Jordan Aumann, Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition, ISBN #089870068X. List price $16.53
  • Ralph Martin, The Fulfillment Of All Desire, ISBN #9781931018364. List price $12.21
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd ed. Washington DC: USCCB, 2000. ISBN-10: 0385508190 or ISBN-13: 978-0385508193. List price $8.01


THL 100 Introduction to Sacred Scripture (Fr. Randy Soto)

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