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Homeschooled Student Information

Holy Apostles College welcomes homeschooled students

Applications for admission from homeschooled students are welcome at Holy Apostles College.  Homeschooled students intending to matriculate into an undergraduate program follow the same application process as traditional students (admissions application, application fee, SAT scores, admissions interview and reading comprehension/writing test).

Other Specifics

  • High School Transcripts.  Can be from a recognized homeschool agency/program or Parent-generated.  Transcripts should be sent to the college directly by the agency/program if applicable. Unless it is clear from the transcripts, a letter must also be sent by the applicant to the Office of the Registrar indicating whether the homeschool experience was a recognized program (Kolbe, Seton or other established program), some other format (correspondence school, etc.) or a specialized parent/student design. The letter also should indicate whether the applicant was taught exclusively by his or her parents or by other adults in a cooperative teaching environment.
  • Portfolio.  A portfolio must also be provided. It should include a reading list, examples of academic research, and a list of extracurricular activities (parish and/or community service, athletic participation, clubs and organizations).

  • Letter of Recommendation.  A letter of recommendation from someone other than the applicant’s parents must be provided. The letter can be written by someone who is familiar with the activities outlined in the portfolio and/or who served as a teacher, mentor or activity director.
  • Previous College Transcripts.  If the student has attended college, official college transcripts also must be provided, regardless of whether those credits will be transferred to Holy Apostles.

Homeschool students who wish to attend college on campus are strongly urged to visit the campus before applying for admission, to ensure that Holy Apostles College is a good fit for the student, both academically and with respect to student life. The option is available for students to pursue an Associate of Arts or a Bachelor of Arts entirely online.

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