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Holy Apostles is located in a very safe and quiet neighborhood.  In case of an emergency the following policy is in place.

  1. Dial 911 to contact law enforcement officials and emergency response agencies. Land-line telephones are located at various locations within campus buildings including all dormitories, classroom buildings, library and main administration building. 
  2. All criminal action or emergency is to be reported to the Rector-President at his office or campus residence.  In his absence from campus, it should be reported to the Rector-President's administrative assistant whose office is on the first floor of St. Peters or to the Academic Dean.
  3. Campus notifications can be found on the home page of Holy Apostles or may be found on local television annoucements. 


2008          0

2009          1 Burglary - On-Campus in Student Housing

2010          0  

(860) 632-3010