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MA Philosophy

Philosophy Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum

All students must complete the prerequisite course - PHTH 600: Philosophy for Theologians - or have a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy.

Requirements for Master of Arts in Philosophy - 12 Credit Core Curriculum

  • PHE501 ‐ Ethics (note: this is a name change from PHL570 Moral Philosophy)
  • PHL590 ‐ Metaphysics
  • PHL725 ‐ Philosophy of Nature
  • PHL730 ‐ Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

The breakdown of courses is as follows:

History of Philosophy 2
Systematic Philosophy 5
Philosophical Theology 1
Topical Courses 3
Electives 1

For information on which courses fit into which categories, please see the Online Learning Courses of Instruction - Philosophy with course descriptions.

Summative Evaluation

The Summative Evaluation is the capstone of the student’s academic work in the M.A. program at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. All candidates for the M.A. degree are required to complete a Summative Evaluation exercise, which may take the form of a thesis, a comprehensive exam, or a special project. Full descriptions of the Summative Evaluation exercise are available on the Summative Evaluation page.

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